Simple Management Tools

Easily share your company’s credential requirements, forms, manuals, procedures and polices with vendors and contractors.





Secure and Certified

Decrease liability risk with secure, certified records for your entire workforce. Leverage certified, qualified professionals and cultivate a safe, productive environment.





Accessible 24/7

Attain complete management control and visibility 24/7 while minimizing administrative overhead, eliminating manual and duplicate credentialing costs.



OurRecords Key Features



Management Tools for Organizations make it easy to configure credential requirements for workforce position and roles.



Management Tools for Individuals allows personal account ownership and assures the account stays with the individual throughout their career.



Compliance Management provides integrated credential fulfillment, including background checks, training and policies.



OurRecords on multiple devices.

Guaranteed secure access and management of all your records.




OurRecords Core Features


100% Certified!

Certification services to validate records and credentials. Decrease liability risk with secure, certified records for your entire workforce.


Increase Brand Awareness

Increase your brand awareness with mobile badges for your 3rd party vendors and contractors.

24/7 Accessibility

Always have your documents with you, wherever you go. OurRecords provides 24/7 accessibility and data encrypted environment.


Sharing Made Easy

Easily share your company’s credential requirements, forms and policies with vendors and contractors.

Mobile Doc & Credential Mgmt

24/7 Secure access to cloud based document management, storage, and sharing. Includes mobile submission of credentials and records.


Credential Status Notifications

Receive proactive alerts for certification expirations.


Company Connections

Company Connections

One membership pre-qualifies you for professional opportunities with connected companies.


Customer Support

Customer Support

Communicate directly with our expert support staff.


Tutorial Videos

Tutorial Videos

We’ve created a number of video tutorials to guide you through OurRecords. Watch Now


Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy

Getting started is easy. Once you sign up, you can efficiently start managing your organization and connect with your members.